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Connacht and Ulster (ROI) Soccer

The Following Leagues appear in this order on the page: 1. Connacht Senior League 2. Galway Football Association 3. Mayo Football League 4. Roscommon & District Football League 5. Sligo/Leitrim & District Football League 6. Ulster Senior League 7. Donegal Junior League 8. Monaghan Cavan League

Connacht Football Association

The Connacht Football Association runs the Connacht Senior League (currently not operating) and the CFA Connacht Cup.

Galway Football Association

The Galway Football Association runs Soccer Leagues in Galway County and City.

Mayo Football League

The Mayo Football League runs Soccer competitions in Co. Mayo.

Roscommon & District Football League

The Roscommon & District Football League runs Soccer Leagues in Co. Roscommon and Northern and Eastern parts of neighbouring Co. Galway

The Sligo Leitrim & District Soccer League runs Soccer Leagues in Co. Sligo and Co. Leitrim.

Ulster (ROI) Soccer

The Ulster Senior League was the highest level of Soccer in the Republic of Ireland part of Ulster. Comprising the three counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan, it was an Intermediate Level Adult Soccer League. Below the USL are Junior Level Adult Soccer Leagues the Donegal Junior League, Monaghan-Cavan League and Inishowen Junior League (Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal).

The Donegal Junior League runs Adult Junior (District) Level Soccer Leagues in the Northwestern-most County in Ireland.

The Monaghan Cavan League runs Junior Level (Adult County & District) Soccer Leagues in Co. Monaghan and Co. Cavan, in Ulster, Republic of Ireland.