Ireland at Hungary FIFA Friendly 2012 - Damien Duff

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The Eirball Soccer Archive is an All-Time Archive of the Results and Tables of Irish Soccer and Irish Players around the World. The archive covers Irish Soccer (both FAI and NIFA), Women’s Soccer, Provincial Intermediate Leagues, County & District Junior Leagues (Adult), as well as various forms of Football Fives.

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Featured Image: Photo Contributor: katatonia82 (2020) KYIV, UKRAINE – OCTOBER 23, 2020: UEFA Womens EURO 2022 Qualifying game Ukraine v Ireland at Obolon Arena in Kyiv, Ukraine. Group photo of Ireland National Team [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 26 July 2022]

All-Ireland Soccer Cups have been played on an on-off basis since 1941-42 when the Dublin & Belfast Intercity Cup was first played. The North-South Cup lasted two seasons from 1961-1963 and then sponsors names appeared on the Blaxnit Cup (1967 to 1974), Texaco Cup (1973 to 1975), and Tyler Cup 1978 to 1980. The Irish News sponsored the North West Cup from 1995 to 1998, featuring teams from Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland parts of Ulster. The latest and perhaps greatest All-Ireland Cup was the Setanta Cup, which ran from 2005 to 2009 and then after a years break from 2011 to 2014.

League of Ireland Premier Division

The Football Association of Ireland (Republic of Ireland Soccer) broke away from the Irish Football Association (Northern Ireland Soccer) after the 26 Counties gained independence in 1922. The FAI organises the League of Ireland (Premier Division, First Division and Underage Divisions) as well as at one stage the League of Ireland B Division.

Women’s National League

The FAI organises the Women’s National League as well as the FAI Women’s Cup, FAI Women’s National League Cup and Underage Leagues and Cups.

FAI Cups

FAI Women’s Cups

League of Ireland B Division

League of Ireland Underage Divisions

FAI Women’s Underage Leagues

Schoolboys Soccer

The Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland organises Schoolboys Football in the Republic of Ireland, one of the Highlights of which is the Kennedy Cup – organised every year on the lines of the FIFA World Cup, but with teams representing the 32 County & District Football Associations in the Republic of Ireland.

Soccer Teams in Ireland

Northern Ireland

The Irish Football Association dates back to the 1890s and since the split in the 1920s has been the governing body for Soccer in Northern Ireland. It is currently known as the Northern Ireland Football Association.

Connacht Football Association

The Connacht Football Association runs the Connacht Senior Cup and at one time the Connacht Senior League. It includes the Galway FA, Mayo FL, Roscommon & District FL, and Sligo Leitrim & District FL.

Dublin (Athletic Union League)

The Athletic Union League is a Dublin-wide Intermediate-level League as well as a Fingal (North Dublin) Junior Level League. The Amateur Football League is a North City and South City Junior Level League. The Leinster Football League is a Junior Level League in South Dublin. The Civil Service Football League operated in Dublin.

Leinster Football Association

Leinster Senior Football League – The LSFL is an Intermediate Level League covering the Province of Leinster as well as a Junior Level League primarily in Dublin.

Leinster Junior League – The LJL had a Provincial Counties League from 1974 to 1979 as well as a Dublin Junior League.

Kildare & District Football League – The KDFL is a Junior Level Adult Men’s, Women’s and Underage League founded in 1994.

Munster Senior League & Munster Junior Leagues

Munster Senior League – Intermediate League covering Munster Province.

Limerick & District League – Junior League covering Limerick County and surrounding areas.

Tipperary & Southern District Football League – Junior League covering South Tipperary.

Ulster Senior League & Ulster Junior Leagues (ROI)

Donegal Junior League – Junior Level League.

Monaghan Cavan League – Junior Level League covering Counties Monaghan and Cavan.

World Soccer (FIFA)

FIFA World – FIFA was founded in 1904, and 1930 was the year of the first World Cup.

UEFA Europe – The first Regional tournament in Europe was the Mitropa Cup (Mittel Europa Cup) first played in 1927, The European Champions Cup in 1956 and the European Nations Cup in 1958.

FA England – The Football Association was founded in England in 1862, and the Football League in 1888. The International Championship was first played in 1884.

CSF South America – The Copa America was first played in 1910 and the Copa Libertadores (Clubs) in 1960

CONCACAF North, Central America and Caribbean – The first CCCF Championship was played in 1941, the first CONCACAF GOld Cup in 1991 and the first CONCACAF Champions Cup in 1962.

AFC Asia – The Asian Cup was first played in 1956 and the Asian Champion Teams Cup (now AFC Champions League) in 1967.

CAF Africa – The First AFCON (African Cup of Nations) was played in 1957 and the first African Cup of Champion Clubs (now CAF Champions League) in 1964.

OFC Oceania – The First Oceania Cup was held in 1973.

Independent (CONIFA) & Other Soccer

Island Games – The First Island Games (North Atlantic) was held in 1985.

Women’s World Soccer – The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991.

CONIFA Independent – The First VIVA (Now CONIFA) World Cup was held in 2006.

FIFA Football Fives – Neymar Jr lent his name to the first FIFA Football Fives World Cup in 2018.