Connacht Senior League

The Connacht Football Association runs the Connacht Senior League (currently not operating) and the CFA Connacht Cup.

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Connacht Football Association

Connacht Senior League; CFA Cup

Connacht Senior League (Final Tables):

CFA Connacht Cup (Results):

Galway Football Association

The Galway Football Association runs Soccer Leagues in Galway County and City.

Galway FA Logo
Galway FA Logo

Picture Credit: [2] Galway Football Association (2016) Galway FA Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 3 September 2018]

Galway Football Association

GFA Premier Division;

GFA Men’s Leagues (Final Tables)

GFA Men’s League (Results)

GFA Ladies League (Final Tables)

GFA EZ Living Furniture Ladies Premier League (Results):