Athletic Union League | Futsal League 2017-18


League Table

Puskas Hagi1311021025033
Blue Magic1310121023531
St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors13814683825
Futsamba Naas13715674622
Blue Magic 2nd13625615320
Dublin City Futsal720514486
St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves13111126734
Bohemian AFC131012311283



DateTeam 1Team 2
Week 1
25.09.2017Blue Magic4St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors2
25.09.2017Puskas Hagi9Bohemian AFC3
27.09.2017Futsamba Naas4St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves1
Week 2
02.10.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves2Puskas Hagi9
02.10.2017Bohemian AFC1Blue Magic14
Week 3
11.10.2017Puskas Hagi7Blue Magic 2nd2
Week 4
18.10.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves7Bohemian AFC3
Week 5
23.10.2017Bohemian AFC1Futsamba Naas11
23.10.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3Puskas Hagi6
Week 6
01.11.2017Blue Magic 2nd6Blue Magic7
Week 7
06.11.2017Futsamba Naas2Blue Magic5
06.11.2017St.Ita’s Futsal Reserves0Blue Magic 2nd5
08.11.2017Bohemian AFC3St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors9
Week 8
13.11.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors9St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves1
13.11.2017Blue Magic 2nd6Futsamba Naas2
15.11.2017Blue Magic3Puskas Hagi4
Week 9
20.11.2017Blue Magic 2nd9Bohemian AFC2
20.11.2017Blue Magic7St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves3
22.11.2017Puskas Hagi8Futsamba Naas3
22.11.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors6Blue Magic Futsal4
Week 10
27.11.2017St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3Futsamba Naas2
29.11.2017Blue Magic 2nd0St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors1
29.11.2017Blue Magic Futsal14Bohemian AFC2
Week 11
15.01.2018Blue Magic Futsal12Blue Magic 2nd1
15.01.2018Bohemian AFC2St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors12
17.01.2018Dublin City Futsal3St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves0
Week 12
22.01.2018Bohemian AFC1Dublin City Futsal4
22.01.2018Blue Magic 2nd4St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves4
24.01.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3Puskas Hagi Futsal4
24.01.2018Blue Magic Futsal5Futsamba Naas5
Week 13
29.01.2018Puskas Hagi Futsal3Blue Magic Futsal9
29.01.2018St. Ita’s Futsal ReservesSt. Ita’s Futsal Seniors
Week 14
05.02.2018Futsamba Naas11Bohemian AFC1
05.02.2018Dublin City Futsal2Blue Magic 2nd7
07.02.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves0Futsamba Naas3
07.02.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors8Dublin City Futsal1
Week 15
12.02.2018Puskas Hagi FutsalBlue Magic 2nd
Week 16
19.02.2018Blue Magic 2nd4Bohemian AFC3
19.02.2018Dublin City Futsal0Blue Magic Futsal10
21.02.2018Futsamba Naas5St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3
21.02.2018Puskas Hagi Futsal9St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves4
Week 17
26.02.2018Dublin City Futsal3Futsamba Naas11
26.02.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors6Blue Magic 2nd6
28.02.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves0St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3
Week 18
05.03.2018Blue Magic8St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves0
07.03.2018St. Ita’s Futsal Reserves4Bohemian AFC6
07.03.2018Futsamba Naas8Puskas Hagi5
Week 19
12.03.2018Blue Magic 2nd5Futsamba Naas0
Week 20
21.03.2018Puskas Hagi7Blue Magic 2nd0
Week 21
26.03.2018Bohemian AFC3Puskas Hagi20
Week 22
04.04.2018Puskas Hagi21Dublin City Futsal1



Puskas-Hagi, named after the greatest Hungarian & Romanian players ever, respectively, became the third Romanian-Hungarian team to win the AUL Futsal League title in 3 years. They finished two points ahead of Blue Magic, another Romanian team in second place.

In all, there was a drop of one team on the previous season, with Dublin City Futsal, Futsamba Naas, Bohemian AFC and Blue Magic 2nds replacing Romstar Inter, FC Transylvania, Clontarf Vikings, Irish Vikings and Saints & Scholars in the League.


The Athletic Union League, the main Soccer League Association in Dublin, took over the running of the Emerald Futsal League in 2015. Futsal is a 5-a-side version of Soccer played indoors on the same court as an Olympic Handball court, with lines denoting out of bounds rather than walls as in Indoor Soccer, and the aim is to pass the ball into a semi-circle surrounding the goal, where the attacking team may shoot and score.

Clubs and Awards


Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
All matchesAbbotstown Indoor, Co. Fingal


Top Scorers

Victor Mihai MandeaPuskas Hagi21
Thiago SouzaPuskas Hagi17
Shaun GonzalezSt. Ita’s Futsal Seniors16
Adamczyk EmilBlue Magic15
Costinel RadutPuskas Hagi15
Liam MulcahySt. Ita’s Futsal Seniors13
Alexandru LeuPuskas Hagi12
Jack O’ConnorSt. Ita’s Futsal Seniors12
Godan OlegBlue Magic10





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Thanks to Paul Foley, Cathal Gallagher, Emerson Callender, Gabriel McCloyne, Ciaran Simms, Rose McCabe and Niall Brennan.

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