Carlsberg International Tournament Hong Kong (Soccer) 1994

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DateHome TeamAway Team
10.02.1994Denmark0 (4p)United States of America0 (2p)
10.02.1994Hong Kong League XI1 (5 p)Romania1 (4p)
3rd Place
13.02.1994Romania2United States of America1
13.02.1994Hong Kong League XI0Denmark2
Carlsberg International Tournament Hong Kong (Soccer) 1994 [Reference: 1]


Denmark won the Carslberg International Soccer Touurnament hosted by Hong Kong in 1994, triumphing 2-0 over the hosts, Hong Kong League XI, in the Final, with goals from Kristensen and Fernandez in the first half.

Romania finished third with a 2-1 win over the United States of America. both semi-finals had gone to penalties.



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Thanks to Kevin Smyth.

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