Hong Kong Football Association Cup Finals 1992-93

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Cup Final Results

Match Day Challenge Cup Final
(Challenge Cup Final)
4 - 0
Hong Kong Cups

Eastern vs South China

Match Day Viceroy Cup Final
(Viceroy Cup Final)
3 - 0
Hong Kong Cups

South China vs Eastern

Match Day Hong Kong FA Cup Final
(Hong Kong FA Cup Final)
1 - 0
Hong Kong Cups

Eastern vs Ernest Borel

Please click on Matches to see match reports. Billy Whitehurst scored in Viceroy Cup Final. note: Dates are an approximation.

Irish and Northern Ireland Players List

Hong Kong Players List 1992-93

nirBilly Whitehurst (NIR)South China0


Billy Whitehurst returned to South China in the Hong Kong League for 1992-93 after appearing to wind down his career at Glentoran in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland player had previously also played for Hull City and Sunderland in the English Football League. [1]

While at South China he sparked a revival at the team in time to capture the Viceroy Cup, one of three prestigious Cups in the colony. Whitehurst scored one of three goals in their 3-0 victory over Eastern in the Final. [1] The revival did not last and Whitehurst returned to England at the end of the season after scoring only two goals. [2]

About Billy Whitehurst

Whitehurst was born in Northern Ireland on 10 June 1959. Billy was named the “Hardest Man in Football” by notorious AFC Wimbledon hardman Vinnie Jones [3], once playing with a broken face after stitches were removed following a clash with the opposition Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Steve Sutton [4] . Billy said he looked like Frankenstein on the pitch having stitches put in on the spot and playing the whole match with them. When asked what is was like to be the hardest man in Football, Vinnie Jones remarked that “You better ask him” gesturing to Whitehurst.


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