Leinster Senior Football League | Division 1 1980-1988

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LSFL Division 1 1980-81

Railway Union341712546
Hammond Lane341671139
Aer Lingus341591039
CIE Transport341313839
St. Joseph’s Boys341471335
Ballyfermot United341471335
TEK United3411121134
Bluebell United3411111233
Glebe North341351631
Dunleary Celtic341191431
Workmen’s Club349131231
Boyne Rovers349131231
Bray Wanderers346141426
– Cherrywood Athletic341051925
– St. James’ Gate34652317

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LSFL Division 1 1981-82

*Bluebell United291312438
Railway Union291113535
Bray Wanderers30139935
Glebe North301541134
St. Joseph’s Boys28137833
Workmen’s Club28127931
Hammond Lane3010101030
Dunleary Celtic301171229
Aer Lingus308101226
CIE Transport29961424
Boyne Rovers30781522
– TEK United306101422
– Ballyfermot United29841720

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LSFL Division 1 1982-83

*Hammond Lane26186242
Bluebell United25183439
Dunleary Celtic25119531
Bray Wanderers25116828
Railway Union25115927
St. Joseph’s Boys26871123
CIE Transport26861222
Boyne Rovers25691021
Workmen’s Club26661418
– Glebe North26731617
– Aer Lingus25561416

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LSFL Division 1 1983-84

*Bluebell United26156536
Dunleary Celtic251110431
Hammond Lane26127731
Boyne Rovers26117829
Workmen’s Club261151027
Bank of Ireland261061026
Bray Wanderers26712726
St. Joseph’s Boys266101022
St. Mary’s Athlone24771021
– Belgrove26691121
Railway Union26691121
– CIE Transport25651417

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LSFL Division 1 1984-85

*St. Mary’s Athlone26177241
Bluebell United26166438
Hammond Lane26153833
Railway Union26126830
St. Joseph’s Boys26118730
Ballyfermot United26912530
Bank of Ireland26611923
Workmen’s Club26611923
Bank Rovers26691121
Bray Wanderers265111021
Dunleary Celtic263101316
– Boyne Rovers26381514

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LSFL Division 1 1985-86

*Glebe North26148436
Bluebell United261310336
Bank Rovers26108828
St. Joseph’s Boys26910728
Railway Union26811727
Ballyfermot United2698926
Workmen’s Club2698926
TEK United2689925
St. Mary’s Athlone26861222
Bank of Ireland26681220
Dunleary Celtic26591219
– AIB264101218
– Hammond Lane26571417

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LSFL Division 1 1986-87

TEK United26157434
Bluebell United26157434
Ballyfermot United261110532
Bank of Ireland25119531
Bank Rovers2588924
St. James’s Gate26961124
St. Mary’s Athletic25871023
Railway Union26951223
St. Josephs Boys26781122
Dunleary Celtic25691021
Glebe North265101120
Workmans Club261111413

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LSFL Division 1 1987-88

*St. James’s Gate301411539
Bluebell United301410638
Bank Rovers30157837
Dublin City301213537
Lusk United28138734
St. Joseph’s301111833
Ballyfermot United29914532
Glebe North28109929
TEK United28911829
Bank of Ireland308101226
Workmans Club29891225
Railway Union306101422
St. Mary’s29591519
Dunleary Celtic29661718

Reference: [8]


The LSFL Division 1 was won by a different club nearly every year between 1980-81 and 1987-88, with only Bluebell United winning a second time (81-82 & 83-84). Pegasus won the title in 1980-81 and Hammond Lane in 1982-83. St. Mary’s Athlone took the trophy out of Dublin in 1984-85, and Glebe North, TEK United and St. James’s Gate won it the following three years.

The League was re-organised for the 1988-89 season, with Divisions 1 & 1A replaced by the Senior Division and Division 1 respectively.



Republic of Ireland Men’s Club Soccer is divided into three levels – Senior, Intermediate and Junior. The FAI League of Ireland constitutes the Senior Level with 1 Division in the 1980s.

The Provincial Leagues lie below this, as Intermediate Levels – with the Leinster Senior Football League being the Provincial League for the East of Ireland.

The LSFL Division 1 was Tier 1 of the LSFL and Tier 2 in the Republic of Ireland.




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Note: Past copies of the Irish Independent & Evening Herald are available to view online at the Irish Newspaper Archive: https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/ which is a subscription service.


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