Powerleague Spawell Dublin (Football Fives) Monday Division 1 Winter 5s 2019

Powerleague Logo 2019 [2]


Dream Team 2.0 FC4400592534412
St. Fat’s Athletic4400592633412
What Do You Mean CF42024145-446
Double Pogba & Coke41034949043
Chicken Tikka MoSalah (Hogan)41034148-743
Between the Spreadsheets40042379-5640

Reference: [1]



[1] Powerleague (2019) League Standings | Monday Winter 5s 2019 | Division 1 [Internet] Available from: https://www.powerleague.co.uk/5-a-side/ireland/dublin-spawell [Accessed 22 October 2019]

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