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CONADI & ANPO National Soccer Championship of Native Peoples (Chile) 2012

CSANF Logo [Reference: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
2012Rapa NuiW (p)MapucheL
CONADI & ANPO National Soccer Championship of Native Peoples (Chile) 2012 [Reference: 2]


Rapa Nui (Easter Island) won the first National Soccer Championship of Native Peoples in Chile in 2012 by defeating Mapuche on penalties in the Final.

Mapuche Football Team [Reference: 3][Photo Credit: CSANF]


The CSANF (the Regional Body for Non-FIFA Football in South America) was founded in 2007 for the promotion of sport and culture for Nations, Islands, Communities, Territories and Minorities that are not members of FIFA. As part of the CSANF, CONADI & ANPO (National association of Indigineous Peoples) organised the first National Championship of Indigineous Peoples in Chile in 2012.



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