Football Association of Ireland | Futsal Cup 2011-2019

FAI Futsal Cup 2011

Group 1       
*EID Futsal33002249
*Shamrock Rovers320117166
Lifford AFC310211203
Dublin Santos30039190
Group 2       
*Blue Magic33003559
Rivervalley Rangers310216293


DateHome Team Away Team 
 EID Futsal10Alpha3
 Blue Magic4Shamrock Rovers3
 EID Futsal3Blue Magic2


FAI Futsal Cup 2013

Dublin 1       
*Shamrock Rovers33002689
*FC Guillermo320118196
B&H United310211143
Blue Magic30033170
Dublin 2       
*Eden College33001869
*Real Transilvania32011996
St. Ita’s310215263
St. Paul’s30036170


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Rovers5Galway0
 North Tipperary0Real Transilvania5
 Waterford7FC Guillermo5
 Eden College5Cork Red Devils0
 Shamrock Rovers Real Transilvania 
 Eden College Waterford 
 Shamrock Rovers2Eden College6


FAI Futsal Cup 2014

Group 1       
*Kingdom Santos2200606
*Nenagh AFC2101333
Listowel Community Centre2002060
Group 2       
*St. Ita’s FC32102177
Manorhamilton Rangers310225253
Balbriggan FC3003090
Group 3       
*Eden Futsal33005859
*FCG Dublin320112186
Transylvania Futsal310236153
Saudi Falcons30033710
Group 4       
*Blue Magic33001379
*St. Vincent’s320126106
Kildare IFC Central College310210233
B&H United3003090


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Eden Futsal16St. Vincent’s2
 Blue Magic3 (1p)St. Ita’s3 (4p)
 Kingdom Santos2Puskas-Hagi10
 FCG Dublin3Nenagh AFC0
 FCG Dublin10Puskas-Hagi5
 St. Ita’s1Eden Futsal6
 Eden Futsal6FCG Dublin3


FAI Futsal Cup 2015

Group 1       
B&H United1100803
Academic Futsal1001050
Group 2       
*Blue Magic21101054
Real Transilvania21019133
Saints and Scholars2011781
Group 3       
*St. Ita’s22001226
Transylvania Futsal21012173
Kilcock Celtic20024280
Group 4       
Nenagh AFC11001683
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Blue Magic8St. Ita’s AFC0
 Blue Magic   

FAI Futsal Cup 2015-16

Group 1       
*Saints and Scholars0000000
Group 2       
*Transylvania Futsal22001826
*Athlone IT210122173
IT Tallaght20024250
Group 3       
*Blue Magic2110844
*Clontarf Vikings2110984
Group 4       
*B&H United22001246
*Brazil United2011341
St. Ita’s AFC20113101


DateHome Team Away Team 
 B&H United4 (3p)Clontarf Vikings4 (2p)
 Saints and Scholars14Athlone IT3
 Blue Magic3Brazil United1
 Saints and Scholars5 (2p)Blue Magic5 (3p)
 Transylvania Futsal6B&H United4
 Transylvania Futsal3Blue Magic7


FAI Futsal Cup 2016-17

DateTeam 1 Team 2 
18.01.17Clontarf Vikings1Saints and Scholars2
18.01.17St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors1Blue Magic4
20.01.17Romstar Inter2Transilvania FC3
25.01.17Transilvania FC5Saints and Scholars1
25.01.17Blue Magic2Puskas Hagi4
12.04.17Transilvania FC16Puskas Hagi3


FAI Futsal Cup 2018

Group A       
*Blue Magic Futsal430128199
*Puskas Hagi Futsal430137329
St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors400418320
Group B       
*Futsamba Naas440026712
*Dublin City Futsal420222246
Bohemian AFC40044210


DateHome Team Away Team 
20.02.18Futsamba Naas14Puskas Hagi Futsal10
22.02.18Blue Magic Futsal9Dublin City Futsal4
14.03.18IT Carlow2Blue Magic Futsal16
13.06.18Futsamba Naas4Dublin IT1
19.06.18Blue Magic Futsal 3Futsamba Naas


FAI Futsal Cup 2018-19

Group A
*Blue Magic Futsal4310471310
*Transylvania FC430130269
Saints and Scholars420228196
Bohemian AFC41125214
FutSamba Naas40043340
Group B
*Puskas-Hagi Futsal4310241710
*Dublin City Futsal422025198
St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors420224246
Clontarf Vikings411224254
Monread FC40040120

Reference: [16][Adjusted]

Note: Forfeits awarded as 3-0 wins #

DateHome TeamAway Team
19.02.19Blue Magic Futsal11Dublin City Futsal9
25.02.19Transylvania FC11Dublin City Futsal9

Reference: [15]




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