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Knockout Stages

DateHome TeamAway Team
19.02.19Blue Magic Futsal11Dublin City Futsal9
25.02.19Transylvania FC11Dublin City Futsal9

Reference: [1]

Group Stage Tables

Group A
*Blue Magic Futsal4310471310
*Transylvania FC430130269
Saints and Scholars420228196
Bohemian AFC41125214
FutSamba Naas40043340
Group B
*Puskas-Hagi Futsal4310241710
*Dublin City Futsal422025198
St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors420224246
Clontarf Vikings411224254
Monread FC40040120

Reference: [2][Adjusted]

Group Stage Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group A
14.11.18Blue Magic Futsal0Bohemian AFC0
29.11.18FutSamba Naas3Blue Magic Futsal25
05.12.18Blue Magic Futsal15Transylvania FC7
08.12.18Saints and Scholars3FutSamba Naas0 #
11.12.18Saints and Scholars3Blue Magic Futsal 7
18.12.18Bohemian AFC1Transylvania FC9
19.01.19Bohemian AFC1Saints and Scholars12
19.01.19Transylvania FC3FutSamba Naas0 #
26.01.19Transylvania FC11Saints and Scholars10
06.02.19FutSamba Naas0 #Bohemian AFC3
Group B
28.11.19Puskas-Hagi Futsal3Monread FC0 #
01.12.19Dublin City Futsal5Puskas-Hagi Futsal5
06.12.19Dublin City Futsal10St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors7
11.12.19St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors3Monread FC 0 #
16.01.19St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors 9Clontarf Vikings 7
27.01.19Clontarf Vikings7Puskas-Hagi Futsal9
03.02.19Clontarf Vikings7Dublin City Futsal7
06.02.19Puskas-Hagi Futsal7St. Ita’s Futsal Seniors5
Monread FC0 #Clontarf Vikings3
Monread FC0 #Dublin City Futsal3

Reference: [1] Note: Forfeits awarded as 3-0 wins #


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