Haïti Championnat National Division Ligue 1 Haïtienne 2013

Regular Phase (Phase 1)

Haïti Championnat National Division 1 Ligue Haïtienne Regular Phase 2013

1Valencia de Léogâne22108426121438
2Baltimore SC Saint-Marc229671916333
3Racing Club Haïtien Port-au-Prince228951817133
4AS Petit-Goâve2271051615131
5Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince228682320330
6AS Mirabalais227962018230
7Tempête FC Saint-Marc2261061518-328
8AS Cavaly Léogâne22697119227
9FICA Cap-Haïtien226971519-427
10Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville2241081925-622
11América FC des Cayes225891217-520
12Victory SC Port-au-Prince2246101925-619

Places 1-6 form Championship Playoff Group in Phase 2 and Places 7-12 form Relegation Playoff Group in Phase 2. No Points or Record carried forward to Phase 2.

Championship Playoffs (Phase 2)

Haïti Championnat National Division 1 Ligue Haïtienne Championship Playoffs 2013

1AS Mirabalais106401541122
2Valencia de Léogâne106041510518
3Racing Club Haïtien Port-au-Prince10442108216
4AS Petit-Goâve10244615-910
5Baltimore SC Saint-Marc1023547-39
6Aigle Noir AC Port-au-Prince10136915-66

Relegation Playoffs (Phase 2)

Haïti Championnat National Division 1 Ligue Haïtienne Relegation Playoffs 2013

1Don Bosco FC Pétion-Ville10433127515
2FICA Cap-Haïtien104331012-215
3Tempête FC Saint-Marc104241211114
4Victory SC Port-au-Prince1035298114
5América FC des Cayes1033467-112
6AS Cavaly Léogâne1032548-411

Relegated to Division 2 for 2014: América FC des Cayes and AS Cavaly Léogâne Promoted from Division 2 for 2014: Racine FC Gros-Morne and AS Capoise Cap-Haïtien.


Baltimore SC Saint-Marc, which shares a name with the town of Baltimore in Co. Cork, Ireland, and may be named after the Irish town, finshed in second place during the Regular Phase of the Championnat National Division Ligue 1 Haïtienne 2013 with 33 points from 22 matches. They fared less well in the Championship Playoffs, an entirely new League with no points carried forward. The Championship Playoffs were played between the top 6 teams in the Regular Phase and Baltimore SC finished 5th on 9 points.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 183039497

SAINT MARC, HAITI – FEB 12, 2014. An overhead view of a busy Haitian marketplace.

Marketplace in Saint-Marc, Haiti
Marketplace in Saint-Marc, Haïti


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Thanks to Richard Costello (Gateway).


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