Amateur Football League Sunday Division 2020

Amateur Football League Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Table*

AFL Sunday 2020PWDLPts
Markievicz Celtic770021
St. Columbans SYC660018
Irishtown/St. Pats YC741213
Portrane Athletic941413
Newlands/Castle Park640212
Marks Celtic732211
Elm Mount731310
Sallynoggin Pearse63039
Whitehall Rangers60242
Amateur Football League Sunday Division 2020 [Refernces: 2]

Results & Fixtures*

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.07.2020Confey1Markievicz Celtic3
24.07.2020Elm Mount3Whitehall Rangers3
26.07.2020Balrothery2St. Columbans SYC5
26.07.2020Sallynoggin Pearse1Marks Celtic4
26.07.2020Portrane Athletic2Newlands/Castle Park1
26.07.2020Irishtown/St. Pats YC5Rialto2
Week 2
06.08.2020Portrane Athletic1Marks Celtic2
07.08.2020Whitehall Rangers0Confey3
09.08.2020Irishtown/St Pats YC4Stamullen1
09.08.2020St. Columbans SYC4Elm Mount3
09.08.2020Newlands/Castle Park4Hydepark3
09.08.2020Portrane Athletic6Rialto0
09.08.2020Markievicz Celtic6Sallynoggin Pearse0
Week 3
14.08.2020Irishtown/St Pats YC2Newlands/Castle Park1
14.08.2020Elm Mount5Frankfort2
16.08.2020Hydepark2Marks Celtic2
16.08.2020Portrane Athletic0Markievicz Celtic9
Week 4
23.08.2020Rialto5Whitehall Rangers5
23.08.2020Stamullen0Marcievicz Celtic3
23.08.2020Irishtown/St. Pats YC0St. Columbans SYC7
23.08.2020Sallynoggin Pearse2Elm Mount1
23.08.2020Newlands/Castle Park4Marks Celtic3
23.08.2020Portrane Athletic2Balrothery2
Week 5
30.08.2020Rialto5Marks Celtic4
30.08.2020Balrothery0Elm Mount8
30.08.2020Hydepark3Whitehall Rangers1
30.08.2020Sallynoggin Pearse3Frankfort2
30.08.2020Stamullen2Newlands/Castle Park4
30.08.2020Portrane Athletic2St. Columban’s SYC5
30.08.2020Irishtown/St. Pat’s YC2Markievicz Celtic4
Week 6
04.09.2020Elm Mount0Confey5
06.09.2020Frankfort1Portrane Athletic5
06.09.2020Balrothery0Sallynoggin Pearse3
06.09.2020St. Columban’s SYC2Hydepark1
06.09.2020Marks Celtic6Stamullen1
06.09.2020Markievicz Celtic8Rialto1
Week 7
13.09.2020Whitehall Rangers0Portrane Athletic1
13.09.2020St. Columban’s SYC8Sallynoggin Pearse0
13.09.2020Marks Celtic1Irishtown/St. Pat’s YC1
13.09.2020Newlands/Castle Park3Rialto2
13.09.2020Markievicz Celtic2Hydepark1
Week 8
17.09.2020Whitehall Rangers3Irishtown/St. Pat’s YC4
18.09.2020Elm Mount4Portrane Athletic1
Week 9
Week 10
11.10.2020Irishtown/St.Pat’s YCConfey
11.10.2020HydeparkSallynoggin Pearse
11.10.2020StamullenPortrane Athletic
11.10.2020Rialto Elm Mount
11.10.2020Newlands/Castle ParkFrankfort
11.10.2020Marks CelticSt. Columban’s SYC
11.10.2020Markievicz CelticWhitehall Rangers
Week 11
16.10.2020Elm MountStamullen
18.10.2020FrankfortMarks Celtic
18.10.2020Sallynoggin PearseIrishtown/St. Pat’s YC
18.10.2020St. Columban’s SYCMarkievicz Celtic
18.10.2020BalrotheryNewlands/Castle Park
18.10.2020Portrane AthleticHydepark
Week 12
25.10.2020St. Columban’s SYCRialto
25.10.2020Whitehall RangersStamullen
25.10.2020FriankfortIrishtown/St. Pat’s YC
25.10.2020ConfeySallynoggin Pearse
25.10.2020Markievicz CelticNewlands/Castle Park
Week 13
01.11.2020RialtoSallynoggin Pearse
01.11.2020Newlands/Castle ParkElm Mount
01.11.2020Whitehall RangersSt. Columban’s SYC
01.11.2020Irishtown/St. Pat’s YCPortrane Athletic
01.11.2020Marks CelticBalrothery
01.11.2020Markievicz CelticFrankfort
Week 14
06.11.2020Elm MountMarks Celtic
08.11.2020BalrotheryMarkievicz Celtic
08.11.2020FrankfortWhitehall Rangers
08.11.2020HydeparkIrishtown/St. Pat’s YC
08.11.2020St. Columban’s SYCNewlands/Castle Park
08.11.2020Sallynoggin PearseStamullen
08.11.2020Portrane AthleticRialto
Week 15
15.11.2020RialtoHyde Park
15.11.2020Whitehall RangersBalrothery
15.11.2020St. Columban’s SYCFrankfort
15.11.2020Marks CelticConfey
15.11.2020Markievicz CelticElm Mount
15.11.2020Newlands/Castle ParkSallynoggin Pearse
Week 16
21.11.2020StamullenSt. Columban’s SYC
21.11.2020Irishtown/St. Pat’s YCBalrothery
21.11.2020Newlands/Castle ParkWhitehall Rangers
21.11.2020Marks CelticMarkievicz Celtic
21.11.2020Portrane AthleticConfey
22.11.2020HydeparkElm Mount
Week 17
27.11.2020Elm MountIrishtown/St. Pat’s YC
29.11.2020Sallynoggin PearseWhitehall Rangers
29.11.2020ConfeySt. Columban’s SYC
Amateur Football League Sunday Division Results 2020 [References: 3]


Markievicz Celtic and St. Columban’s SYC were on 100% records at the top of the Amateur Football League Sunday Division on 18 September 2020 when the League was abandoned due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Amateur Football League season was abandoned on 21 October following Government restrictions on the playing of sport in the light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Matches had been rescheduled after being abandoned on 18 September, but following the governments update in October, the League was stopped entirely.

About the Amateur Football League

The Amateur Football League is a Junior Soccer League making up Tier 3 in the Irish Adult Soccer System – Tier 1 is Senior Leagues (League of Ireland and Northern Ireland Football League), Tier 2 is Intermediate Leagues – Provincial Leagues (Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster Senior Leagues in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Intermediate League in Northern Ireland), and Tier 3 is Junior Leagues – County Level Leagues such as the Amateur Football League which consists of teams from the Dublin and District Area (from all over County Dublin as well as teams from Co. Meath – Ashbourne United, Co. Kildare – Leixlip United, and Co. Wicklow – Rathnew and Garden County).



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