FIFA (Federation International de Football Association)

FIFA (the Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the World Governing Body for Football (Soccer). 211 Nations are members. It’s primary competitions are the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Mexico 70 Official Programme
Mexico 70 Official Programme

Picture Credit: Mexico 1970 Official Programme – Authors own collection

Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)

FIFA World Cup; FIFA World Club Cup

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Final Tables (Editions)

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers South America Results (Editions): 

Qatar 2022 (Pending Review)

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers North, Central America & Caribbean Results (Editions): 

Qatar 2022 (Pending Review)

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Africa Results (Editions): 

Qatar 2022 (Pending Review)

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Asia Results (Editions):

 Qatar 2022 (Pending Review)

FIFA U-20 World Cup Finals Results (Editions):

Republic of Ireland Qualified and played in Group A

FIFA Club Competitions

FIFA Club World Cup (Editions):

UEFA (Union European de Football Association)

UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) is a Regional Governing Body within FIFA, which runs Football (Soccer) in Europe, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

UEFA’s Primary Competitions are the UEFA European Championships (Men’s and Women’s and Underage – Countries), UEFA Champions League (Club Tournament) and UEFA Nations League (Country Tournament)

Republic of Ireland Official Match Programme v Gibraltar 11th October 2014
Republic of Ireland Official Match Programme v Gibraltar 11th October 2014

Picture Credit: UEFA European Qualifiers -Ireland v Gibraltar Official Match Programme AVIVA Stadium 11 October 2014 – Author’s Personal Collection

Union of European Football Associations

European Championships; UEFA Regions Cup; UEFA Amateur Championship; UEFA Champions League; UEFA Europa League; UEFA Women’s Champions League

UEFA National Competitions

UEFA U18 European Championships (Editions):

UEFA European Regions Cup (Editions): 

UEFA European Amateur Championship (Editons): 

European Club Football Proposals

UEFA Club Competitions

UEFA Champions League Finals (Editions):

UEFA Europa League Finals (Editions): 

Shamrock Rovers FC Official Match Programme v Liverpool FC 14th May 2014
Shamrock Rovers FC Official Match Programme v Liverpool FC 14th May 2014

Picture Credit: Shamrock Rovers FC v Liverpool FC Official Match Programme – AVIVA Stadium Dublin 14th May 2014 – Author’s Personal Collection

UEFA Regional Competitions

Baltic Cup; Anglo-Italian Cups; Atlantic Isles Cups

UEFA Regional National Competitions

UEFA Baltic Cup (Editions): 

UEFA Regional Club Competitions

The Fiorucci Cup and the Anglo-Italian Cup were Cup Competitions featuring Premier League and Serie A sides (Fiorucci Trophy) and English Football League and Serie B teams (Anglo-Italian Cup)

Fiorucci Trophy (London – Editions):

Anglo-Italian Cup (Editions):

CONMEBOL (Confederation Sudamericana de Futbol)

Confederation Sudamericana de Futbol (CSF) or more popularly known as CONMEBOL is the Governing Body for Football (Soccer) in South America (excluding Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname). CONMEBOL’s Primary Competitions are the Copa America (South American Nations Championship – now including two North or Central American Countries), and the Libertadores Cup (South American Club Championship). The Football Leagues of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuala and the Brazilian State Leagues are included where an Irish connection has been found.

green and blue soccer field
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CSF South American Soccer

Preseason Tournaments; CBF Brazilian State Leagues

International Cups

Baqueron Cup (Paraguay):

Paz del Chaco Cup (Bolivia-Paraguay)(Editions): 

CSF South American Club Cups

CSF South American Masters Tournament (Schedules):

Played at Velez Sarsfield’s Stadium in Argentina.

CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American & Caribbean Football Associations)

CONCACAF is the Regional Continental Association for North, Central American and Caribbean Football Associations, and governs Soccer at the Continental level throughout North, Central America and the Caribbean. Within CONCACAF, there are sub-federations NAFU (North American Football Union) containing Soccer Canada, The United States Soccer Federation and the Mexican Football Federation; UNCAF (Union Centroamericana de Futbol) which is a regional federation for the seven Central American Nations, plus CFU (Caribbean Football Union) which represents the Soccer Associations of the Caribbean Islands plus Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, geographically part of South America, but small enough and bordering the Caribbean that they are part of the CFU and CONCACAF rather than the giant Footballing countries of CONMEBOL (Confederation Sudamericana de Futbol) – the South American Confederation.

CONCACAF (North America, Central America & Caribbean)

letters written on the stadium walls
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FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Qualifiers

FIFA CONCACAF Qualifying Tournaments

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers (Editions): 

Qatar 2022 (Pending Review)

CONCACAF Club Competitions

CONCACAF Champions League (Seasons):

CONCACAF Cup-Winners’ Cup (Seasons):

Irish Connection: Atletico Marte (El Salvador – Champions 1991)

NAFU North American Football Union

person playing soccer
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North American Football Union

Campeones Cup; Leagues Cup

NAFU North American Football Union Campeones Cup 2018-Present (Pending Review)

Leagues Cup (Seasons): 

2019 (Pending Review)

UNCAF Central America

soccer ball on grass field during daytime
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UNCAF Central America

UNCAF; CFU; Soccer Canada

UNCAF (Union Centroamericano de Futbol)

Central American Games Soccer Tournament (Editons): 

Central American Championship (Editions): 

CFU (Caribbean Football Union)

anonymous soccer player on field during match
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CFU (Caribbean Football Union)

Both Montserrat and Barbados have populations partly descended from Irish captives enslaved by Oliver Cromwell. Montserrat is the only other country in the world where St. Patrick’s Day is a National Holiday, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Barbados is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. [References: 3,4]

[3] Go Barbados (2022) St. Patrick’s  Roman Catholic Cathedral [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 10 April 2022]

[4] Irish America (2022) The Irish of Barbados [Internet] Available from:,sold%20in%20Barbados%20for%20between%20%C2%A310%20and%20%C2%A335. [Accessed 10 April 2022]

CFU Caribbean Football Union

CFU Caribbean Cup

CFU Caribbean Cup (Editions):

Trinidad 2007: Barbados finished 4th in Sydney Joseph Group

AFC (Asian Football Confederation)

The Asian Football Confederation governs Football (Soccer) throughout Asia, including Australia and Guam, but excluding Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Israel who are in UEFA (Europe).

AFC’s Primary Competitions are the Asian Cup (National Teams) and the AFC Champions League (Club teams). Within the AFC there are Regional Associations which also run their own National and Regional Club Competitons: EAFF (East Asia), ASEAN (South East Asia), SAFF (South Asia), CAFA (Central Asia) and WAFF (West Asia).

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Asian Football Confederation Cups

AFC Champions League (Seasons): 2011

AFC Cup (Seasons): 2019

CAF (Confederation of African Football)

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) was founded in 1957 by three countries: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, playing the first African Nations Cup that year. It was not, however, until 1960 and the independence of a large amount of African countries that the CAF took on the appearance of a genuine Continental Federation.

Bloemfontein Stadium, South Africa
Bloemfontein Stadium, Free State/South Africa

Bloemfontein, South AfricaG

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By Grant Duncan-Smith

CAF Africa

Confederation of African Football Team Nicknames

CECAFA East & Central Africa

CECAFA Challenge Cup (Editions): 1989

COSAFA Southern Africa

COSAFA Castle Cup (Editions): 2000 1997

West Africa

Cabral Cup (Editions): 1997

OFC (Oceania Football Confederation)

The Oceania Football Confederation runs Football (Soccer) throughout Oceania (Pacific Islands), with the exception of Australia and Guam which are in the Asian Football Confedration, and Hawaii, which is a constituent part of the United States of America.

silhouette of a boy playing ball during sunset
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OFC Oceania Soccer

OFC Nations Cup

Oceania Football Confederation

OFC Nations Cup (Editions): 2000

OFC Oceania National League Final Tables (Seasons): 

2018-19 (Pending Review)

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