CONIFA (Independent)

CONIFA (Federation of Independent Football Associations)

There are a number of Non-FIFA Soccer Organisations in the World – the International Island Games Association (IIGA), The Federation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), CSANF – The Regional Body for Non-FIFA Football in South America, which includes CONADI / ANPO – the National Association of Indiginous Peoples.

CONIFA Euro 2017 North Cyprus Logo
CONIFA Euro 2017 North Cyprus Logo

CONIFA (the Confederation of Independent Football Associations) is the governing body for non-FIFA recognised countries, Small Island Nations, Minority Regions within FIFA-recognised Countries, and Breakaway Republics. CONIFA’s Primary Competition is the CONIFA World Cup.



CONIFA (Federation of Independent Football Federations)

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NF-Board (New Federation Board)

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