English Premier League & UK

English Premier League & UK Leagues

The Football Association of England is the oldest Soccer Association in the World.

England Flag
England Flag [1]


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FA England

Football Association Premier League

FA English Premier League (Seasons):

English Soccer Organisation:

The Football League 1888-1991

English Football League & Non-League Champions (Seasons):

1980-81 Champions: Aston Villa FC

Irish Player: Eamonn Deacy (Aston Villa FC)

WSL Women’s Super League

FA Women’s Super League

FA Women’s Super League (Seasons): 2017-18

Preseason Tournaments

Watney Preseason Cup (Derby – Editions):

Minor Leagues

Frank Stapleton Signed Photograph
Frank Stapleton Signed Photograph

Picture Credit: Frank Stapleton, Arsenal, Manchester Utd and Ireland Birthday Card – Author’s Personal Collection

Celtic National Leagues

Celtic Nations; Scandinavian & Baltic Nations; FA Premier League;

Celtic & Atlantic Nations

UEFA Celtic Nations Leagues Final Tables (Seasons): 

Scottish Football League Timeline:

Welsh Premier League Final Tables (IRL & NIR Players)