Major League Soccer & Carib

Major League Soccer & CONCACAF National Leagues

NAFU North American Football Union

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USSF United States Soccer Federation

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United States Soccer Federation


United States Soccer Leagues (USA):

USSF Divisions 1-5

United Soccer League Championship [D2] (Seasons):

USL Championship 2022: 7 Irish Players

United Soccer League 1 [D3] (Seasons):

United Soccer League 2 [D4] (Seasons):

National Premier Soccer League [D5] (Seasons):

Other USSF Competitions

US Soccer Werner Fricker Cup (Seasons): 

Soccer Canada

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Soccer Canada

Soccer Canada

Canadian Soccer Association

Canadian Championship [Major Premier Cup] (Seasons):

Canadian Premier League [D1] (Seasons):

UNCAF Central America

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UNCAF Central America

UNCAF; CFU; Soccer Canada

UNCAF (Union Centroamericano de Futbol)

UNCAF Central American National Leagues (Seasons): 

CFU Caribbean Football Union

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CFU (Caribbean Football Union)

Both Montserrat and Barbados have populations partly descended from Irish captives enslaved by Oliver Cromwell. Montserrat is the only other country in the world where St. Patrick’s Day is a National Holiday, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Barbados is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. [References: 3,4]

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CFU Caribbean Football Union

CFU Caribbean Cup

Haiti Championnat National Division Ligue 1