Leinster Senior Football League | Senior Division 1988-2000

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LSFL Senior Division 1988-89

*St. James’ Gate301810246
Bluebell United30197445
Lusk United30159639
TEK United30149737
Ballyfermot United309111029
St. Joseph’s Boys301071327
Glebe North301071327
Vale View Shankill307131027
Bank Rovers30971425
Railway Union30891325
Bank of Ireland30691521
– Dublin City30591619
– Workmans Club30522312

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LSFL Senior Division 1989-90

No Information at present

LSFL Senior Division 1990-91

St. Francis30206446
Glebe North30205545
Glenmore Celtic28196344
Railway Union30147935
Moyle Park30129933
Ballyfermot United301361132
Belgrove FC29119931
Lusk United29119931
Bluebell United301191031
St. Joseph’s308111127
TEK United30861622
– Bank Rovers30352211
– Bank of Ireland30342310

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LSFL Senior Division 1991-92

*Ballyfermot United301611343
St. Francis30179443
Wayside Celtic301312538
St. Joseph’s301211735
Belgrove FC301281032
TEK United28119831
Bluebell United291010930
Glenmore Celtic27813629
Glebe North27910828
Lusk United281051125
Moyle Park College271041324
Railway Union28861422
– Garda293121418
– Telecom Eireann30552015

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LSFL Senior Division 1992-93

*St. Francis30206446
Glenmore Celtic30187543
Bluebell United301371033
Newbridge Town301110932
Belgrove FC291271031
Moyle Park College301341330
Lusk United291161228
Wayside Celtic291081128
Ballyfermot United299101028
Glebe North301081228
St. Joseph’s Boys309101137
Elm Rovers301241428
– Railway Union29871423
– TEK united30791423
– Parkvilla29761620

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LSFL Senior Division 1993-94

Ashtown Villa30188444
Cherry Orchard27178242
Glenmore Celtic28186442
Wayside Celtic29178442
Glebe North26134930
St. Francis301181130
Belgrove FC29981226
Ballyfermot United301061426
Bluebell United28891125
Newbridge Town29971325
Lusk United286101222
– St. Josephs Boys30761720
– Moyle Park College29591519
– Elm Rovers27571517

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LSFL Senior Division 1994-95

Cherry Orchard29205445
Ashtown Villa29204544
St. Francis30176740
Bluebell United301410638
Wayside Celtic30165937
Glenmore Celtic29146934
Lusk United30912930
Belgrove FC301161328
Railway Union30971425
Glebe North30881424
Newbridge Town306111323
– Parkvilla30691521
– CYM305111420
– Ballyfermot United30272111

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LSFL Senior Division 1995-96

*St. Francis30236175
Cherry Orchard27177358
Glenmore Celtic30156951
Aer Lingus301214450
Wayside Celtic26128644
Moyle Park Celtic281110743
Whitehall Rangers26117840
Bluebell United298111035
Ashtown Villa30981335
– Glebe North306111329
Lusk United29681526
– Garda29681526
– Newbridge Town29362015

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LSFL Senior Division 1996-97

*Cherry Orchard30204664
Wayside Celtic30196563
St. Francis30185759
Aer Lingus301510555
Ashtown Villa301531248
CIE Ranch301371046
Glenmore Celtic301191042
Whitehall Rangers301071337
Moyle Park Celtic30991236
Bluebell United301051535
Lusk United308111135
TEK United301031733
Crumlin United30881432
– Pegasus30631927
– Belgrove FC30552020

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LSFL Senior Division 1997-98

*Wayside Celtic30186660
CIE Ranch30178559
Cherry Orchard30178559
Ashtown Villa30156951
Whitehall Rangers301461048
TEK United301371046
Aer Lingus301210846
Moyle Park College301271143
Glenmore Celtic301091139
Bluebell United301051535
Newbridge Town30891333
Lusk United29761627
– Crumlin United30571822
– CYM Terenure3016239

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LSFL Senior Division 1998-99

*Newbridge Town301811165
Cherry Orchard29185659
Wayside Celtic291311550
Whitehall Rangers29146948
Bluebell United30138947
Lusk United30138947
Arklow Town301181141
Ashtown Villa28913640
Moyle Park C281151238
TEK United291081138
Glenmore Celtic301051535
Tallaght Town29861530
Workmans / Dunleary30851729
– Aer Lingus284141026
– CIE Ranch29252211

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LSFL Senior Division 1999-2000

*Glenmore / Dundrum30217270
Wayside Celtic30208268
Ashtown Villa301711262
TEK United301610458
Cherry Orchard301213549
Lusk United301210846
Bluebell United301013743
Moyle Park C301191042
Arklow Town30991236
Ballyfermot United30881432
Newbridge Town30871531
Workmans / Dunleary30771628
Glebe North30751826
Shamrock Rovers LSFL30741925
– Whitehall Rangers30372016

Reference: [12]

Note: * Champions / – Relegated to Division 1.

Points System 1988-1995: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss

Points System: 1995-2000: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss



Republic of Ireland Men’s Club Soccer is divided into three levels – Senior, Intermediate and Junior. The FAI League of Ireland constitutes the Senior Level with 2 Divisions – Premier Division and Division 1. Below this are Provincial Leagues – Leinster, Munster, Ulster, Connacht – which contain the Intermediate ranked teams.

The Leinster Senior Football League has Four Intermediate Divisions – Senior, 1, 1A, 1B – with promotion and relegation between them, although there is no promotion from the Senior Division into the League of Ireland. Below this The LSFL also runs Junior ranks – played on a Sunday for Clubs’ first teams, as well as Saturday Divisions for Clubs’ Second Teams.

The Senior Division is Tier 1 of the LSFL and Tier 3 in the Republic of Ireland.




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