Mauritius Premier League 2016-17

Final Table

Mauritius Premier League 2016-17

1Pamplemousses SC Belle Vue (C)36227777403773
2Petite Rivière Noire SC36226863402372
3Bolton City Youth Club36209744261869
4Association Sportive Port Louis361951266372962
5AS Quatre-Bornes361412104236654
6La Cure Sylvester SC361461658451348
7Cercle de Joachim SC36125194665-1941
8Savanne SC3698195176-2535
9AS Rivière du Rempart (R)36810184067-2734
10Grand Rivière Sud Est Wanderers SC (R)3644283994-5516

(C) Champions and Qualify for CAF Champions League: Pamplemousses SC Belle Vue

(R) Relegated to Second Level for 2017-18: AS Rivière du Rempart and Grand Rivière Sud Est Wanderers SC.

(P) Promoted from Second Level for 2017-18: Chebel Citizens, Entente-Boulet Rouge-Riche Mare Rovers.

Top Scorer 2016-17: Sewram Gobin (AS Rivière du Rempart)

Cup Final (Coupe de Maurice de Football): AS Port Louis 2000 – Pamplemousses SC Belle Vue 2-0

Players with Irish Names in the Mauritus National Team playing in the Mauritius Premier League 2016-17:

O’Brian Kévin Jean-Louis (G) Pamplemousses SC

Peter Donovan Colin Bell (M) Pamplemousses SC

Joseph Stephen Kévin Perticots (M) Pamplemousses SC

Luther Murphy Rose (M) AS Port Louis 2000

Joseph Duddy Éduoard (F) Bolton City Youth Club.


With a large number of immigrants from the Indian Ocean of Mauritius arriving in Ireland in recent decades, it can be reasonably stated that the Island is the Ireland of Africa, given that Irish names proliferate in the country, as shown by the number of players in the Mauritius National Team alone with Irish names in 2016-17: O’Brian Kévin Jean-Louis, Peter Donovan Colin Bell and Joseph Stephen Kévin Perticots from Champions Pamplemousses SC, Luther Murphy Rose from AS Port Louis 2000 and Joseph Duddy Éduoard of Bolton City Youth Club all plying their trade in the Mauritius Premier League as well as Kylian Joel Farley Yrnard playing for RC Waterloo in Belgium and Clency Rofique playing for Le Havre SC in France.

mauritius country flag map shape national symbol Contributor tony4urban [2]

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Thanks to Paul O’Reilly.


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