VIVA World Football Cup 2006


DateHome TeamAway Team
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Final Group Table

VIVA World Cup 2006PWDLFAPts
Sapmi (F)33004219
Monaco (F)32016166
Southern Cameroon3003090
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Group results

DateHome TeamAway Team
11.2006Monaco3Southern Cameroon0 #
11.2006Occitania3Southern Cameroon0 #
11.2006Sapmi3Southern Cameroon0 #
[Reference: 1]


Sapmi representing the Native Sami people of Scandinavia (Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia), won the inaugural VIVA World Cup for non-FIFA countries, small island nations, and Nations and regions that have either not gained independence or recognition from FIFA. The original plan was for a 16-team World Cup held in the Turkish-speaking Northern Cyprus, which is only officially recognised by Turkey.

However, the organisers fell out with VIVA and the event split in two. Northern Cyprus held its own ELF Cup (Egalite, Liberte, Fratenite), and VIVA rescheduled the VIVA World Cup for Occitania (the region of South France where people speak Langue d’Oc rather than French). Six teams were in the original draw, but West Papua and the team representing the Roma (European Gypsies) pulled out, and on the eve of the event Southern Cameroon were unable to travel, forfeiting all fixtures 3-0.

Sapmi defeated Occitania 7-0 and Monaco (an amateur side representing the Principality rather than AS Monaco the professional team in the French League) 14-0. After Monaco defeated Occitania 3-2, the Monegasques met Sapmi again in the final, but due to rough play had 2 players sent off, and Sapmi ran riot, scoring 21 goals to Monaco’s 1.

About the VIVA World Cup

The VIVA World Cup was first played in 2006 between countries, island nations and regions of FIFA Countries that have not gained independence or official recognition from FIFA. It was superceeded in 2014 by CONIFA.



[2] Steve Menary (2007) “Then there were three…” World Soccer. February 2007. pg. 69.


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