France Soccer Leagues Champions 1988-89

France Flag Map
France Flag Map [References: 1]

France Soccer Leagues Champions & Record 1988-89

1st Division
1st DivisionOlympique Marseille3820135563573
2nd Division
Group AFC Mulhouse 93342446662876
Group BOlympique Lyon3419114662268
3rd Division
CentreFC Tours302163712348
EastECAC Chaumont301866542842
NorthRC Lens A302253521749
Centre-WestASC Angouleme301956592643
WestCSFC Lorient3016104512142
SouthOGC Nice A3016104482742
4th Division
Group AUS St. Omer261556322235
Group BAS Cherbourg261745482338
Group CASPTT Metz261565432136
Group DEn Avant Guingamp A261943622242
Group EBaume L’Isle-sur-Doube261466402634
Group FParis FC 832612104472034
Group GSR Rodez A261493422237
Group HSEC Bastia A2613103392236
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2nd Division Championship Playoff

Team 1Team 21st Leg2nd LegAgg
Olympique LyonFC Mulhouse 932-12-14-2
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3rd Division Championship Playoff

Team 1Team 2
RC Lens A5CSFC Lorient1
OGC Nice A2AS St. Seurin-sur-L’Isle1
ECAC Chaumont6FC Tours3
OGC Nice A4RC Lens A2
FinalAt Nevers
OGC Nice A1ECAC Chaumont0
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4th Division Championship Playoff

Team 1Team 2
US St. Omer3AS Cherbourg2
SEC Bastia A1SR Rodez A0
ASPTT Metz4En Avant Guingamp A2 aet
Paris FC 835FC Baume-Isle-sur-Doube1
Paris FC 831US St. Omer0
SEC Bastia A2ASPTT Metz0
SEC Bastia A2Paris FC 831
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Olympique Marseille were French Soccer Champions in 1988-89, and the 2nd Division Championship Playoff was won by Olympique Lyon 4-2 on aggregate versus FC Mulhouse 93. The 3rd Division had 6 regional leagues, with OSG Nice A defeating ECAC Chaumont 1-0 in the Championship Playoff Final.

Of note to Irish readers is the Champions of the 3rd Division West, which was primarily based in Brittany and surrounding departments. CSFC Lorient won this League but lost 5-1 to RC Lens A in the Quarter-Finals.

The 4th Division had 8 Groups (Leagues) and the Playoff Champions were SEC Bastia A from Corsica. Group D is of particular note to Irish readers in that it was also primarily based in Brittany, En Avant Guingamp A the Champions, but lost 4-2 in extra-time in the Championship Playoff Quarter-Finals to ASPTT Metz.

The best placed Breton team was FC Nantes Atlantique who finished in 7th place in the first division. fellow Breton teams FCA Brest finished second in 2nd Division Group A and Stade Rennes third in the same Group.



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