Leinster Senior Football League | Senior Division 1B Sunday 2019-20

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Hartstown Huntstown FC8602251518
Kilbarrack United9531211318
Ardmore Rovers8422201414
Ayrfield United842212914
St. Kevins Boys8413221013
Castleknock Celtic733110612
Verona FC8314172410
Larkview Boys830514149
Ratoath Harps722317208
St. Francis FC62131187
Pegasus / St. James Athletic52038116
Mid Sutton Sportslink FC61149154
Corduff FC61054163
Broadford Rovers41032173

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
16.08.2019Hartstown Huntstown FC2Larkview Boys1
16.08.2019Kilbarrack United1Castleknock Celtic1
18.08.2019Ayrfield United0Verona FC2
Week 2
23.08.2019Ratoath Harps0St. Francis FC4
23.08.2019Larkview Boys0St. Kevins Boys1
23.08.2019Castleknock Celtic1Corduff FC0
25.08.2019Verona FC3Kilbarrack United3
25.08.2019Ardmore Rovers1Hartstown Huntstown FC3
Week 3
28.08.2019Castleknock Celtic1Ardmore Rovers1
28.08.2019Larkview Boys3St. Francis FC1
28.08.2019Kilbarrack United3St. Kevins Boys1
28.08.2019Hartstown Huntstown FC4Ratoath Harps3
28.08.2019Ayrfield United2Corduff FC4
30.08.2019Mid Sutton Sportslink FC1St. Francis FC1
30.08.2019St. Kevins Boys11Broadford Rovers0
30.08.2019Ratoath Harps3Ardmore Rovers3
30.08.2019Corduff FC0Hartstown Huntstown FC6
01.09.2019Verona FC1Larkview Boys5
01.09.2019Ayrfield United3Pegasus / St. James Athletic2
Week 4
06.09.2019Castleknock Celtic1Ayrfield United1
06.09.2019St. Kevins Boys2Ratoath Harps2
06.09.2019Larkview Boys1Kilbarrack United2
06.09.2019Broadford Rovers1Mid Sutton Sportslink FC0
08.09.2019Verona FC3Hartstown Huntstown FC1
08.09.2019Ardmore Rovers4Corduff FC0
08.09.2019Pegasus / St. James Athletic2St. Francis Fc1
Week 5
13.09.2019St. Kevins Boys6Verona FC2
13.09.2019Ratoath Harps4Pegasus / St. James Athletic2
13.09.2019Castleknock Celtic1Larkview Boys0
Week 6
19.09.2019St. Francis FC3Castleknock Celtic0
20.09.2019Larkview Boys3Rathoath Harps2
20.09.2019Corduff FC0Pegasus / St. James Athletic2
20.09.2019Mid Sutton Sportslink FC6Hartstown Huntstown FC2
20.09.2019Kilbarrack United0Ayrfield United0
20.09.2019Broadford Rovers1Verona FC4
22.09.2019Ardmore Rovers2St. Kevins Boys0
Week 7
25.09.2019Kilbarrack United4Mid Sutton Sportslink FC1
27.09.2019St. Kevin’s Boys0Ayrfield United1
Week 8
04.10.2019Larkview Boys1Hartstown Huntstown FC4
04.10.2019Corduff FC0St. Kevin’s Boys1
06.10.2019Verona FC2Ratoath Harps3
06.10.2019Ayrfield United3Mid Sutton Sportslink FC0
06.10.2019Ardmore Rovers4Kilbarrack United2
Week 9
11.10.2019Hartstown Huntstown FC3Pegasus/St. James Athletic0
11.10.2019Mid Sutton Sportslink FC1Ardmore Rovers4
11.10.2019Kilbarrack United2St. Francis FC1
11.10.2019Broadford Rovers0Ayrfield United2
11.10.2019Castleknock Celtic5Verona FC0
Week 10
18.10.2019Kilbarrack United4Ardmore Rovers1

Reference: [2]


By the end of September Hartstown Huntstown FC were in the lead, just ahead of St. Kevin’s Boys.


The Leinster Senior Football League is an Intermediate Level Adult Soccer League in the Republic of Ireland. It contains both 1st team leagues (played over Sundays usually) and 2nd team leagues (usually played on Saturdays).

The Senior Division 1B is the 4th level of the Leinster Senior Football League and the 6th overall in the Republic of Ireland.


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