Football Association Premier League 2020-21

FA Premier League Logo 2017-Present [Refernce: 0]


Aston Villa540112512
Leicester City640213812
Tottenham Hotspur632116811
Leeds United631212910
Crystal Palace63128910
Wolverhampton Wanderers63126810
West Ham United62221288
Manchester City5221888
Newcastle United62228106
Manchester United52129125
Brighton & Hove Albion612310125
West Bromwich Albion60336143
Sheffield United6015391
Football Association Premier League Table 2020-21 [Reference: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.09.2020West Ham0Newcastle2
12.09.2020Crystal Palace1Southampton0
13.09.2020West Brom0Leicester3
14.09.2020Sheffield United0Wolves2
Week 2
19.09.2020Arsenal2West Ham1
19.09.2020Manchester United1Crystal Palace3
19.09.2020Everton5West Brom2
21.09.2020Wolves1Manchester City3
21.09.2020Aston Villa1Sheffield United0
Week 3
26.09.2020West Brom3Chelsea3
26.09.2020Crystal Palace1Everton2
26.09.2020Brighton2Manchester United3
27.09.2020West Ham4Wolves0
27.09.2020Manchester City2Leicester5
27.09.2020Sheffield United0Leeds1
28.09.2020Fulham0Aston Villa3
Week 4
03.10.2020Leeds1Manchester City1
03.10.2020Chelsea4Crystal Palace0
04.10.2020Aston Villa7Liverpool2
04.10.2020Manchester United1Spurs6
04.10.2020Arsenal2Sheffield United1
04.10.2020Southampton2West Brom0
04.10.2020Leicester0West Ham3
Week 5
17.10.2020Newcastle1Manchester United4
17.10.2020Manchester City1Arsenal0
18.10.2020Leicester0Aston Villa1
18.10.2020Spurs3West Ham3
18.10.2020Crystal Palace1Brighton1
18.10.2020Sheffield United1Fulham1
19.10.2020West Brom0Burnley0
Week 6
23.10.2020Aston Villa0Leeds3
24.10.2020Liverpool2Sheffield United1
24.10.2020Manchester United0Chelsea0
24.10.2020Fulham1Crystal Palace2
24.10.2020West Ham1Manchester City1
26.10.2020Brighton1West Brom1
Football Association Premier League Results 2020-21 [Reference: 2]


22 Republic of Ureland players and 5 Northern Ireland players were on the squads of the 20 FA Premier League Clubs for 2020-21. 16 of those ROI players had made a first team appearance and 4 of the NI players had done so by the end of October (week 6). Nine of the Irish players had scored a goal with Sheffield United’s Callum Robinson having scored twice and two of the Northern Irish players having scored a goal.

There was an unusual look to the FA Premier League Table at the end of October 2020, with Everton, Aston Villa and Leicster among the pacesetters. Only Liverpool and Spurs of the Big 6 were challengers after the sixth round of matches, and of the others only Chelsea managed to squeak into the top half of the table in 10th place. Arsenal (11th), Manchester City (13th) and Manchester United (15th) were all languishing in the bottom half of the table.

Perhaps it was the absence of spectators due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but there was an unusual amount of goals being scored, with an incredible Super Sunday Weekend at the beginning of October in Week 4 as Aston Villa knocked 7 past a stunned Liverpool in a 7-2 win (it could have been 10 or more) and Spurs trounced Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford.

Villa’s sole defeat came at the hands of fellow early title challengers Leeds (0-3 at Villa Park in Birmingham), while Liverpool FC were in second, with four wins in six matches, behind Everton in second place. Spurs made up the top six. At the other end of the table West Brom, Burnley, Sheffield United and Fulham were all struggling without a win.

Republic of Ireland Players

NamePosClubAppGoalsAssistsClean Sheets
Conor HourihaneMAston Villa211
Jason MolumbyMBrighton & Hove Albion000
Aaron ConnollyFBrighton & Hove Albion511
Kevin LongDBurnley510
Jimmy DunneDBurnley201
Robbie BradyMBurnley200
Stephen HendersonGCrystal Palace00
James McCarthyMCrystal Palace400
Seamus ColemanDEverton510
Caoimhin KelleherGLiverpool00
Ciaran ClarkDNewcastle United000
Jeff HendrickMNewcastle United611
Enda StevensDSheffield United600
John EganDSheffield United500
David McGoldrickFSheffield United610
Shane LongFSouthampton400
Michael ObafemiFSouthampton100
Matt DohertyDTottenham Hotspur410
Dara O’SheaDWest Bromwich Albion400
Callum RobinsonFWest Bromwich Albion620
Darren RandolphGWest Ham United00
Conor CoventryMWest Ham United00
FA Premier League Republic of Ireland Players 2020-21 [Reference: 1-131]

Northern Ireland Players

NamePosClubAppGoalsAssistsClean Sheets
Bailey Peacock-FarrellGBurnley00
Stuart DallasMLeeds United600
Jonny EvansDLeeds United410
Jamal LewisDNewcastle United610
Oliver NorwoodMSheffield United300
FA Premier League Northern Ireland Players 2020-21 [Reference: 1-131]


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